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Cannolis (case of 12)


A Bubba Rose classic and staple in any bakery selection. Peanut butter treat filled with yogurt coating and carob chips. Treat Size: 3.25" (case of 12) Ingredients: oat flour, rice flour, peanut butter, eggs, cinnamon and honey. Topped with yogurt coating, carob and carob...

Coffee Cup (case of 12)


Who doesn't love a cup of coffee, now we know your dog can't share in that coffee love, but why not let them enjoy a tasty coffee cup treat? Made from our favorite peanut butter recipe. Treat Size: 3.75" (case of 12) Ingredients: oat flour,...

Cookie Sampler


This great box contains 20 of our best-selling cookie jar varieties, including: Carob Chip Cookies, Belly Rubs, Snickerdoodles, Muddy Paws and Nature Hikes.  Box Size: 4.75" x 5.75" (contains 20 treats)  Ingredients: oat flour, rice flour, pumpkin, carob, peanut butter, vegetable oil, eggs,...

Dog Fortune Cookie Box


Your dog is going to love having their own take out box filled with 12 vanilla almond fortune cookies, complete with a dog themed fortune in every cookie. These cookies are a tasty as they are cute and a great gift for...

Oatmeal Cookies (box of 40)


Peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Treat Size: 1.25" (case of 40) Ingredients: oat flour, rice flour, oats, honey, peanuts, peanut butter, eggs, peanut oil, vanilla extract, baking powder and baking soda. Guaranteed analysis: crude protein (min.) 10%, crude fat (min.) 16%, crude fiber (max.)...

The All-Stars Biscuits


Our stand up resealable zipper top pouches with holes for hanging. A great value, now cheaper than before, but with all the same great shelf presence. The All-Stars, as that's what this trio of flavors is in our line up. A tried and...